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E18, Norway

After two intensive years, the construction company NCC has finished asphalting the 23 km stretch of the E18 between Arendal and Tvedestrand in southern Norway.

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Sätaröd-Vä, Sweden

European route 22 (E22) is no less than 5,320 km long, from Holyhead in the UK via the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Latvia to Ishim in Russia. The part of the E22 that runs through Sweden plays a major role for the country’s southern region, not least because of the link to the Copenhagen area. The problem is that the road is very busy and accident-prone, and is also close to residential areas that are affected by noise.

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In good shape, A90 trunk road, west Dundee

Most local authorities in the UK think of cold mix asphalt as a new and relatively untested road construction material. But it has been used successfully in the UK for more than 10 years, including a section of trunk road in Scotland built with a cold mix asphalt base course in 2008.

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New roads in Norway , E18, Arendal-Tvedestrand

From this spring until October 2019, NCC will be laying no less than 300 000 tonnes of asphalt on a new section of motorway along the south-eastern coast of Norway.

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A66 Crackenthorpe, Cumbria

Nypave PX 50 is a highly modified 40/60 pen binder produced from selected bitumen feedstock. It is rheologically modified to deliver enhanced performance characteristics – including lower temperature compaction and rapid hardening of asphalt.

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E20 Gothenburg

Major carriageway refurbishment has been carried out to the E20 near Gotheburg, western Sweden, during June and July 2016. Asphalting took place in parallel across three lanes to speed surfacing works and minimise disruption to traffic.

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Essingeleden, Sweden

When one of Sweden’s most heavily trafficked roads needed resurfacing, the durability of polymer modified bitumen was required to meet the challenge.

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E6 into Malmö, Sweden

The E6, which is under the Swedish Transport Administration’s area of responsibility, apart from a small section that the City of Malmo manages, carries up to 40,000 vehicle movements per day on certain parts of the route.

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E4 Motorway, Kropp interchange, Helsingborg, Sweden

Large scale trials of flexible surfacing materials are under way in Sweden. The hope is that flexible bitumen can be a key component in repairing surfacing courses with significant crack formation.

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Road sections at Kuivastu-Kuressaare and Pärnu-Lihula, Estonia

Nymuls SD 105 is a polymer modified surface dressing emulsion with good retentive properties that enables traffic to get moving sooner than with a conventional surface dressing.

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