People & society

Our goal is to be recognised for having a strong employer brand and culture with excellent leadership behaviour. Nynas should also be seen as a good neighbour and partner in the local business environment, with responsible supply chain management.

Among our recruiting challenges is to attract employees with specific competences and make our industry more attractive. Stronger employer branding and a greater focus on sustainability is therefore essential.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion come naturally in our multicultural company, and we continuously strive for a diverse workforce. In our workplaces, everyone should feel welcome, regardless of gender, social background, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability.


Strong leadership is a key to our future success and we offer leadership programmes for our managers. For new managers, we offer the New as a Manager Programme and for more experienced managers we offer the Leadership Training Programme. These programmes have been running for several years and contribute positively to Nynas leadership. Nynas also offers individual coaching and leadership forums to continuously develop and strengthen leadership among our managers.