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Our long-standing focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the "bitumen specialist".

Our long-standing focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the "bitumen specialist". That is something we are very proud of. Here are a few of the organisations within the bitumen industry that Nynas are involved in.


Eurobitume is the voice for the European bitumen industry. The organisation works together with its members and local and national authorities to support the development and implementation of large and small-scale projects across Europe.

Eurobitume’s continuing mission is to promote the efficient, safe use of bitumen in road, industrial and building projects and create a positive environment for a sustained bitumen demand. As part of this mission, they provide information and clarity on technical issues as well as on health and safety questions.


IBEF groups together national associations of bitumen emulsion manufacturers.

IBEF objectives consist of promoting the use of bitumen emulsion and exchanging information related to promotional means, standardization, health, safety, and environment along with the development of bitumen emulsion applications.


The European Union Road Federation (ERF)

The European Union Road Federation (ERF) is a non-profit association which coordinates the views of Europe’s road sector and acts as a platform for dialogue and research on mobility issues.

Roads are an undeniable source of socio-economic welfare and will continue playing a dominant role in the transport of goods and people well into the XXIst century. As a respected transport stakeholder, the ERF regularly offers its expertise and supports European research in a number of key priority areas. ERF Members represent a wide cross-section of the major stakeholders active in the construction, equipment and operation of Europe’s road network.

Road Users'Alliance (RUA)

The Road Users’ Alliance (RUA) aims to provide an information exchange for UK road users – whether organizations, special interest groups, commercial companies or individuals – to find and share information that supports the argument for better roads to improve the UK’s transportation infrastructure.

Supported by a number of organizations representing road users of various modes keen to improve the road network, it was started by a small core of companies involved in road construction and maintenance.

Get the advantages of Asphalt Pavement

Learn about the advantages of choosing asphalt. There are many types of asphalt, each having specific characteristics; some are designed to be porous and very silent, others to be impermeable, etc.

They can also be produced in different ways; hot, warm, half warm or cold. Asphalt is used in roads, railway beds, airport runways, taxiways, bicycle paths, playgrounds, running tracks, tennis courts, barn floors, greenhouse floors, ports, bridges, tunnels, landfill caps, etc.

On the Asphalt Advantages website you can find more information about the advantages of choosing asphalt.

The website is sponsored by EAPA (European Asphalt Pavement Association) and Eurobitume.

The Institute of Asphalt Technology (IAT)

The IAT is a non-profit Institute and the membership forms a network of technical personnel in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

The Institute is the Professional Body for persons working in the field of Asphalt Technology and for those interested in all aspects of the Manufacture, Placing, Technology and Uses of materials containing Asphalt or Bitumen. Membership of the Institute includes personnel from the road contracting and supply industries, local authorities, universities, research organisations, consultants etc.

In Bitumen Matters we feature interviews with industry stakeholders, descriptions of recent bitumen-related projects, best practice, news from the bitumen research field and issues related to safe handling of bitumen and sustainable development among many other topics.

You are also able to interact with the content on the microsite, nynas.com/bitumenmatters.

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