Our R&D

We invest heavily in R&D. We have to. It's the only way for us to meet rapidly evolving demands – both from customers and legislative bodies.

We divide our research into pure and applied. On the pure side, we have a laboratory dedicated to just studying oil – for no other reason except to find out more about its remarkable qualities. The more we learn, the more insightful our product development becomes. On the applied side, our research team has access to advanced laboratories, including bench-scale hydrotreatment units and micro-reactors. These resources allow us to create just the right solution for a given application. We also collaborate with a number of technical colleges and universities, giving students the opportunity to do thesis work or other projects in a vibrant environment.

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Evaluation of Test Sections with Polymer Modified Bitumens

It was found that PMBs, particularly SBS modified, demonstrate better rheological properties as compared to unmodified bitumens, even after several years in the field.

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Bright future for black grease

In a comparative study, Nynas researchers conclude that a heavy specialty oil is a viable alternative to bright stock in grease formulations. It is cost-effective and offers equivalent or better performance. The one drawback: it only comes in black.

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