The importance of being a good neighbour

With the quarterly publication of a “Good Neighbour’’ advertisement in the local press, Nynas keeps residents appraised of how its business is developing and strengthens its open dialogue with the community.

Nynas has operated a refinery in Nynäshamn, Sweden, since 1928, and is the largest private employer in the area. Through the “Good Neighbour” initiative, the company aims to establish a transparent dialogue with politicians, municipality officials, teachers and Nynäshamn residents. As an active member of the Nynäshamn business committee, Nynas provides regular information, as well as extending invitations to visit the refinery and participating in various councils and meetings.  

In November 2019 Nynas conducted a survey to investigate how the Nynäshamn refinery is perceived in the local area. Interviews with 300 people living in close proximity to the refinery demonstrated that Nynas is regarded as an attractive workplace, and three out of four interviewees were positive towards the Nynas refinery being located in the municipality.  

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